Our Vision

Brochure Final 20151231_page8_image27At Oxford International School, we make novel circumstance and space for children, with a space where each child feels guarded, regarded and minded. We have prepared a space which invites students from various communities, locations and social segments to develop the idea of true education and nurture themselves to be personalities of future:

Oxford International School will aspire for differential perspective school with a focus on:

  • Making a stage for learning with highlight on proactive thought.
  • Support the interest, imaginativeness and innovative ability of every child.
  • Propel great values and invigorate care and appreciation of unmistakable ways of life.
  • Attracting parents proactively by making correspondence straightforward, instructive and capable.
  • Improving learning environment and set children to meet the daring challenges of new world.


The school envisions providing holistic education to students developing their mind, body and soul with integrity, empathy and values. The School will offer a life-long learning experience to its students by setting high standards of performance and expectations amongst all the stakeholders.