Message from Trustees

Dear Children,

trusteesEducation is a step leading you to your desired world. At this stage you need a special desire and dream to do something strong and forceful. Be bold, Be energetic and enthusiastic. Show courage and confidence. Prove enterprising. Always seek opportunities and accept responsibilities. Select a challenging and worthy goal and keep your attention concentrated on the goal. Have faith in yourself and in your teachers as faith is the seed out of which the tree of your dream will grow.

Begin the work here and now. Be resolute and do not stop till the goal is reached. Mobilize your resources and get going. Be deadly sure that each day – each moment covers some ground, advances some distance nearing your goal and that way make some progress. You are bound to face obstacles on route to success, but with courage and perseverance, you can master them.

Success has to be earned. It demands sustained hard work and sacrifice. There is no success without sacrifice. Sacrifice your trivial time-pass like TV, gossiping and doing nothing. If you want the good things in life, you have to work for them. One’s attitude determines one’s future.

Be optimist. Optimism keeps your hopes alive. It makes you think positively. The man who wins is the man who thinks he can. If you are willing and keen, if you show courage, if you have patience, perseverance and positive attitudes, you will win and never doubt it.

Be brave. Little minds are tamed and subdued by seeming setbacks, but great minds rise above them and fight their way to victory. Always and ever, be a FIGHTER and never a quitter. Hard work, sincere work and faith are a miracle worker. You can conquer all the obstacles and reach your goal. So have faith, gather courage and march forward. We are waiting eagerly to see you attain your goals.

Best wishes