KOOH Sports

KOOH SportsIndia’s most exhaustive and exploratory games program, KOOH Sports, was begun by set of experienced people from different commercial ventures with an energy for game and a hidden target of enhancing the state of games in the nation and advancing open air exercises. KOOH Sports plans to revive love for physical games through a large number of projects that will cut across over grass root level start to distinguishing and sustaining ability.

The Oxford International School offers KID FIT and GET ATHLETIC physical training system of KOOH Sports for the physical and subjective improvement of its Students. Athletic aptitudes are the foundation for successful and continued participation and key to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Get Athletic Program
·    Integrates basic movements like run, jump and throw.
·    Integrates “multi-skill” sessions innovative game formats like touch rugby, flag football, netball, and softball to create a holistic foundation for sport.
·    Measurable improvements in the critical areas of agility, balance, co-ordination, endurance, speed and strength.
·    Skill Assessments and Mini Olympics.
·    Specialized National-level Coach.

KID-FIT Program
·    America’s leading physical education program
·    Designed for Pre-primary students
·    250+ fun exercises and activities
·    Helps in developing fundamental movement skills and gross motor skills
·    Instils healthy lifestyle habits
·    Regular Assessments
·    Specialized Coach