Brochure Final 20151231_page8_image14At Oxford International School we have pondered making the right mood for Children which are useful in their enthusiastic and psychological advancement.

3 acres of green grounds which guarantees tranquil and pollution free environment.

Smart Classrooms
to guarantee keen and intelligent learning and prevalent retention of information.

Brochure Final 20151231_page8_image13Art and Craft Studio
gives students plentiful chances to learn drawing, portraying, painting and other handicrafts.

Music Studio
trains students on Indian and additionally western established music.

Dance Studio
allows learning moves and beats.

Infirmary/Sick Bay
, to meet startling crisis with first aid and later on approaching the specialist.

to assist learners with creating request aptitudes and make them more imaginative and basic masterminds.

to guarantee simple stream of data and control over organization from remote territories.

Transport Facility
, safe and secured GPS empowered transports with Experienced  drivers.

Science Lab
will assist students with investigating the universe of science in a handy and far reaching way.

Computer Lab
, a passageway point to world of data for students.

Maths Lab
, fun and innovative method for learning numerical ideas.

Language Lab
, to grow right articulation, sentence structure, vocabulary and semantics.

Robotics Lab
, to develop activity coordinated effort, motivation and associating with significant devices to grow mental abilities.