Pre – Primary Program (Nursery to KG2)
Pre-primary program concentrates on the formative needs of kids and are focused on the improvement of gross and fine-motor abilities. The exercises are intended to help the students to comprehend and take in the distinctive ideas through play-way systems.

Primary Years Program (Grade I to Grade V)
The difficulties are diverse at this level. Essential years oblige instructors to be gifted to coordinate substance, abilities and qualities; where in an educator can make a reasoning classroom.

Middle Year Program (Grade VI to Grade VIII)
The middle years are the period for scholarly development and autonomy for students. The youngsters figure out how to handle conceptual ideas and the subject controls turn out to be more particular. The obligation of an instructor underscores after setting up connection within and between subjects.

Secondary and Senior Secondary (Grade IX to Grade XI)
The individual character of students and subject controls escalates during this period. Students comprehend and discover their energy and capacities, with a focus on career goals. Hence, the school opens them to different fields and sorts out viable vocation directing projects.